Friday, January 31, 2014

A Bunch of Nonsense

If you haven't noticed, I have trouble consistently blogging, and I just figured out why.

Sometimes I think I'm just too lazy to blog, but that's not it at all. My mind is usually going 1,000 mph, so I have so much to say that I can't figure out how to formulate into coherent thoughts/posts. Maybe I shouldn't worry about that? Maybe I should just let you into the crazy workings of my rapid-fire brain.

I actually forgot what I originally wanted to post about today, so there's that. I do, however, know that I am very tired today and cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow. Most mornings, my alarm starts going off at 4:51 a.m. and I snooze it until roughly 5:30 a.m. Ugh. I had such a hard time getting out of my warm, cozy bed this morning and was already looking forward to sleeping even before I got in the shower.

I really want to get back in the habit of getting a good swim in before work, but that requires that I be out of bed by 4:40 a.m., and I'm just not mentally strong enough for that most mornings. I'm typically an extreme morning person and am usually up by 8 a.m. on the weekends, but that's just brutal. Help me, Baby Jesus.

How cute is that gif?! I just really love cats, man. They're so darn cute. I mean, I obviously have the two cutest cats ever, but really, I just like all cats.

See what happens when I'm really tired? Total nonsense. Cat gifs, Dumb and Dumber gifs, One Direction gifs. I really love One Direction, too, and I don't care if that's lame or not. It's fine.

If you could send me some coffee with your brainwaves, I'd really appreciate it today.


  1. Haha I know the feeling I have just been unmotivated this week! I hope it gets easier for you. I find scheduling posts ahead of time and writing when I get free time helps with days you don't have time.