Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Funnies

I just saw this an had to share. I know I'm a little very biased, but, I think Peyton Manning's portion at 0:38 is the best part. I'm so glad Fox Sports continues to make these, because they are hilarious. I laughed at my desk to the point of tears.

"Just havin' somebody yucky, like you."


  1. Instantly in love with this from "Don't hoard cat food. Star Wars typhoon. You can joke all night but no no kung fu. No more cartoons no more kung fu no no kung fu" to "I lick my sticky finger" to "you have to feed meeee horse eggs." AH sooo funny!

  2. Ok Cam Newton and "pretty, pretty morning!" So.much.awesome!

  3. This is too funny! I am so glad that you are back blogging!