Saturday, February 1, 2014

That Time I Looked at Endangerment Rings

So, I recently had to swing by a local jewelry store because they were donating a piece of jewelry for my event's silent auction at the end of March. I love doing stuff like this because it gets me out of the office for a bit and I love interacting with people, especially when they're giving me donations.

When I went up to the second floor of the store, I quickly realized I was on the diamond floor and got very excited. I mean, I'm like a cat when it comes to shiny things. I want them all!

The person I needed to speak with was with other customers, so I was instructed to look around. I couldn't stop staring at all of the gorgeous engagement rings and the way they sparkled under the light in the cases. As I looked, I noticed I started taking deep breaths, and the more I looked, the tighter my chest got. W.T.F.?!

I've never had an anxiety attack, but I've heard of the symptoms and was afraid that's where this was headed. Thankfully, it didn't get any worse, but where did that come from?! After the clerk gave me the donation, I foolishly asked how much the ring I had been admiring most cost. I knew it had to be a lot because the diamond was huge and the setting was beautiful.

The clerk smiled and said, "I see you have expensive taste. That's one of the most expensive rings we carry, and part of Tacori's most premiere collection. The setting itself is $12,000, but the center stone is purchased separately. The one in there now would make the ring about $40,000."

She then proceeded to get the ring out of the case and hand it to me, all while I started to freak out even more on the inside, and vehemently shake my head on the outside. She told me I could put it on, but I refused, and just held it in the palm of my hand instead.

I promplty texted a friend to tell her about this ridiculousness.

I've looked at engagement rings at Tiffany countless times. Hell, I was even at Tiffany once with B. and HE started looking at engagement rings and I never freaked out like this. No idea where this came from, especially because I'm not even interested in anyone, but the thought of an endangerment ring anytime soon apparently freaks me out.


  1. Hilarious. I'd have an anxiety attack too. There's a reason I never even go into Tiffany's.