Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Musings

1) I am still in a crap-ton of pain, so this is already a really awful Monday. Here's hoping the chiropractor can get me some relief tonight. It basically hurts to do anything, so, I'm one big pile of hurt.

2) I'm taking muscle relaxers at work, so that should be super fun. Can I just watch Netflix all day?

3) My brother's dog, Dozer, is really sick. He and two of my brother's other dogs have come down with parvo. The other two are on the mend, but poor Dozer is still struggling. He had to stay overnight in the animal hospital over the weekend, and refuses to eat because he knows it makes him throw up. He's a least drinking water and able to keep it down, so that's a plus. He's the greatest dog I know and we are best buddies. If you have a spare second today, please say a prayer for him, and if you have any dogs in your life, send him some puppy power.

4) So. Homeland. If you're not caught up/didn't see last night's season finale/don't want to know in case you watch the series in the future, skip ahead.

WHAT. THE. EFF. I am so mad at you, Homeland. Unless you redeem yourself in the very first episode next season, we are breaking up. I CANNOT BELIEVE BRODY WAS KILLED OFF. So many feelings. So much anger. So much sadness. Brody is/was, by far, my favorite character on the show, and my second favorite Marine (yes, I know he's only a fictional character, shut up. Don't you know not to try to rationalize with a grieving/angry woman?!) How am I supposed to get my Damian Lewis fix now?! I know it makes for better tv this way, but I wanted some semblance of normalcy and happiness for Carrie and Brody.

I'm still holding out hope that he's not really dead and there's a major plan being hatched. I know, I know, he was hung, but maybe, just maybe, he only acted dead, they pulled him down, and have him stashed away somewhere. I'm just going to go on believing that until I'm told otherwise. I'm more upset about this than the end of season three of Downton Abbey, so, yeah.

5) I spent Saturday with my college best friend, her wife, and her family. I cannot even put into words how magical and perfect it was. I was just going to talk about it today, but it really does deserve it's own post. Saturday night truly was chicken soup for my soul. There's just something about being with people that have seen you at your best and worst that can make everything in your world feel right, no matter what is going on in your life. I feel so blessed to still have Shawna in my life after all of these years.

How was your weekend? I hope you have a very happy Monday!
There's a Pens game tonight, so I'm just going to think about that to get me through the day.


  1. gosh I would love to sit at home and watch netflix all day...busy days at work are no fun! I hope you get to feeling better! Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks, Chelsee! I finally am feeling better today, just in time for the holidays, thank goodness. :)