Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Musings

I like to ease into my Mondays as much as I can. I have found that doing so really keeps the dreaded Monday blues at bay. Depending on how busy I am at work on any given Monday, I like to sit down with a cup of coffee, catch up on my favorite blogs, and paint my nails. Sometimes, if I've fallen asleep early the night before, I'll watch the newest episode of my Sunday night show, which is currently Homeland. I tend to get to work between 7 and 7:30 a.m., so I don't feel guilty about doing these non-work related things, as no one else is really here yet, so I can't get much done anyway, besides responding to emails that came in overnight.

When I was in college, one of my friends started dating this guy who would nowadays be called a hipster. I would have sworn he got high all the time, except, he didn't event drink. This kid was all kind of awesome and bizarre, rolled into a strangely well-dressed package. He loved philosophy and always ended up saying the deepest things in class. Over fall break, he sent my friend an email with "Musings in Kentucky" in the subject line, and we laughed for hours about it. He wrote to her while sitting on a hill somewhere in Kentucky, and waxed poetically about his feelings for her, and about life in general.

Without further ado, welcome to Monday Musings. A new, weekly feature of nothing but my random thoughts written in an attempt to make Monday more fun than just the first day back after the weekend.

1) I just ate a really good pear. One of our vendors sent us a box for Christmas and now I just want to eat the whole thing. I'm sure people in the office think a box a pears is lame and would rather have chocolate, and if that's the case, they can give theirs to me.

2) I was really, really emotional yesterday and ending up crying a lot. Could be from PMS, could be from over-thinking, could be from the soul searching I've been doing lately. I'll probably write a post about it this week, just to vent and organize my thoughts. I'm feeling better today, I think. I refuse to let crap with B. ruin a perfectly good day.

3) I tried my hand at tightlining on Friday and love the way it looks. It's actually really easy to do and I'm confident I will be a pro at it in no time.

4) After eating that pear, my hands and desk are both really sticky. One downside to those pears. I must be better prepared when I eat one next time later.

5) My mom's birthday was Saturday, so I spent the day spoiling her and hanging out at my oldest brother's house. It was such a nice day, and I'm glad I still have my mom around so we can do things like that. I can't believe she's 68! She certainly doesn't look or act like it.

Don't forget to let your parents know how much your love them. They won't be here forever, and when they're gone, you'll wish you could tell them one more time.

6) I love sports, but really hate all of the analysis that goes along with them, especially on Twitter. Listen, sports fans, If we're being really honest here, I don't give a shit what you have to say about my favorite team and favorite players. Half the time, I could not care less what the guys and gals who get paid to analyze sports think about my favorite team and favorite players. I understand that your sports blog is your hobby, but please, tone it down a bit and repeat after me: I am not an expert. I...don't understand why so many people feel like they need to share their in-depth analysis and play-by-play with their Twitter feeds. How do you enjoy a game when you're too busy thinking that the outcome depends on what you think about it?

This mini rant stems from the Pens game on Saturday, which was ridiculous to say the least. If you're not a hockey fan, or didn't see the game, here's what happened. Since the game, Twitter has been full of people saying the same things over and over, taking a shot at what the suspensions will be, trying to analyze why any of it was done in the first place, etc. It's a bit ridiculous. Please, people, walk away from the internet for a minute and realize that nothing you say will effect the outcome of the disciplinary hearings, the way the NHL addresses fighting moving forward, etc. I hate to be a jerk, but your opinion doesn't matter and I'm sick of reading it. I'm sure you're saying, "Kylie, why don't you just stay off Twitter?" I have, actually, and this nonsense is precisely the reason why. In fact, I don't even go near Twitter during games anymore, because everyone says the same things, bashes the same players and coaches, and provides their same "expert" analysis. I miss Twitter in 2009 when everyone liked each other and it just felt like watching games together in a massive bar. I'm a Twitter hipster and wish we could go back to those days.

7) I will first preface this by saying that when I was in college, social media didn't really exist. Allegheny didn't get Facebook until the end of my senior year, so the biggest distraction I had was AIM (wow, how much am I dating myself here?!). That being said, I have seen so many people say that studying for finals is keeping them from sleeping for days on end/eating/showering. Okay, I'm just going to be blunt: I don't believe you. First of all, if you have time to browse social media, you have time to shower or make a Hot Pocket. If you can take time to watch a game/movie/ eight hours of Netflix, you can take time to nap.

This is going to sound quite elitist, and I don't care. I went to a very academically rigorous school, so I know how much work and studying is involved when finals roll around. I would have 10-12 page papers due the last day of class in multiple classes, on top of studying for finals. My senior comprehensive project was 92 pages, and I still had three finals on top of it. I get it, the end of the semester is hard, but this is what you signed up for. I've never seen graduate and/or professional school students bitch and whine this much. Finals aren't a pissing contest and you don't get a cookie for out-whining your peers. Please, just stop.

I had an eighth musing to post, but I'll save it for another day, because I'm already sounding like someone pissed in my Wheaties this morning. Actually, I'm just wearing my super sassy knee boots and a dress that was too small this summer.

Also, sorry for the swearing. It comes along with the sassy boots. I hope you're all having a great Monday so far!

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