Thursday, November 14, 2013

Social Media

For anyone who doesn't use social media, or is only exposed to Facebook, listing social media as something I am thankful for probably sounds very shallow. However, social media has brought so many amazing people into my life that I would never have met without blogs and Twitter.

I can honestly say that I have met women that will be my bridesmaids as a result of social media. I cannot imagine my life without these ladies. I feel like I found my own Sex and the City-esque group of gals. We've traveled together, been there for each other between lost jobs and new jobs, moves, sadness and triumphs. I know any one of these girls would bail me out of jail or help me hide a body, no questions asked.

In this season of Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for these amazing women and the social media that brought us together. I am friends with amazing women that are old enough to be my mother, and some who were still in middle school when I graduated from college. These women make my life so much more beautiful. I love you guys so much. <3<3<3

I've also met some really awesome people through this group of friends. It's kind of amazing what social media can do. Hanging out with a group of friends and their friends, who they have also met through social media is kind of incredible.

Sit back and think about the people you have gotten to know via social media and how much your life has been enriched by them. Kind of mind-blowing, huh?


  1. I hope someday to meet some of you in person, maybe at a Penguins game. My dream is to travel to Pittsburgh one day.

    1. Come see us anytime! You and Val both need to get to Pittsburgh.