Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lots of Thankfulness - Part I

I told you I would get caught up on my thankfulness posts, and I don't like to break promises.
So, without further ado and in no particular order:

1) Coffee and tea
We all joke about needing our caffeine fix, but I can actually feel myself become nicer and happier in the morning when I have coffee or tea on the way to work. I like to Google things, and found that caffeine does, in fact, have anti-depressant qualities for some people, so there you have it.

2) Good brakes
I was nearly in an accident this morning on Route 28 because a school van failed to check his/her side mirrors and attempted to merge into the right lane. I am so thankful that I saw the van in time and was able to slam on my brakes. If I hadn't, there most definitely would have been an accident. I am also thankful for the brakes on the car behind me, because I was inches away from being rear-ended. It seemed like traffic stopped for a split second while the van merged as planned and I got my bearings. Not exactly the way I would ever want to start a morning, but I'm so thankful I'm okay, aside from still being a little shaken.

3) Glee covers
Glee is a show people either love or hate. Although, I'm about a season or so behind, I love it. I also love the covers the characters do every week. They are so great for belting out in the car as you speed down the highway. I love to sing, and have found that belting out a few songs is almost as effective of a stress-reliever as a good, hard workout.

4) Wine
It's no secret that I love wine. Good wine, cheap wine, red wine, white wine. I just love wine. During grad school, I went to the liquor store every week and bought the bottle of white zinfandel that was on sale. I would come home from working study tables (university-mandated study time for student athletes), and depending on how much crap they gave me or how hard my thesis adviser ripped into me, I would have a glass of wine....or three. Sometimes, I would work on my thesis into the wee hours of the morning and find myself accidentally drunk because I had been drinking wine the whole time.

Sometimes a glass of wine is necessary after a rough day. Yesterday was one of those days, and I was so thankful to have wine in the refrigerator, so that I could get a glass as soon as I got home. I found myself thinking too much and being overly emotional yesterday, so that glass of wine was just what I needed to relax my mind.

What are you especially thankful for today?


  1. Coffee, tea, and wine... Three of my most favorite things!!

  2. Thankful that today is "food day" at work, potluck lunch to celebrate November birthdays. Wish you could smell the goodness. Thankful for my job and the nice people I get to meet. Thankful I am good at my job and that coworkers can rely on me doing what I should. (Hope that last doesn't sound too egotistical). Thankful for the beautiful blue sky today. Thankful that the Penguins will be playing hockey tonight!

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  4. Right now I'm thankful for Glee Christmas songs and red Starbucks cups because they're the only things bringing me cheer while I'm killing myself in school.

  5. I drove to Robinson today, and I have no idea how you drive 28 everyday and keep your sanity in tact. I'm a pretty confident driver, but that stretch of 28 after Harmarville makes me SO nervous. I'm glad you were able to avoid an accident!

    1. I'm so used to doing it, unless there's an accident, I don't mind anymore. Music and audiobooks keep me sane. Any other highway, though, my anxiety levels go through the roof. I could never do the parkway every day. UGH!