Friday, March 7, 2014

Jersey Wish List

Posts have been lean the last few weeks because I'm gearing up for my biggest event of the year. I'm just two weeks away from my gala event. It's a ton of work, but I get to play dress up, and my wonderful friends volunteer, so I'm really excited. I'm even more excited for it to be over, because that feeling is just euphoric, and I'll be very excited to tell you all about it.

A few years ago, one of my favorite USA Hockey bloggers asked what jerseys were on your "jersey wish list." Up until then, I hadn't really thought about it, but as a hockey fan, that's an excellent question. So, without further ado, here are mine:

In the Western Conference, the Calgary Flames are my favorite team. They are also perennially awful, and haven't been the same since their 2004 Cup run.

One of my all-time favorite Penguins, Eric Godard, also played for the Calgary Flames, and because that's a whole lot of awesome, I want to own his Flames jersey, especially so I can wear it when I eventually make it to the Saddledome.

How much do I love Eric Godard? If you Google him, this image comes up:

I made that sign during the 2008-09 season, and he signed it after a game. At Mellon Arena, it was really easy to meet players after games, you could wait along the fence near the player parking lot, and most of them would come right over. Eric loved my sign, and if you can't read it, it says:

To Kylie: Best sign I've ever seen.

I was also lucky enough to get him to sign my Godard Pens jersey right before a game on Long Island in 2011. As you can tell, I really love this guy.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I unapologetically and obnoxiously announce every TYLERRRRRR JOHNSONNNNN GOALLLLL! Tyler is one of my favorite hockey players, and one of the nicest athletes I've ever had the please of meeting. I really need to add his Spokane Chiefs and Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys to my collection.

This jersey was on the top of my jersey wish list, but I acquired it and was able to get it signed, so now it's the crowned jewel of my collection. This is a replica of the jersey Tyler wore when Team USA ended Canada's reign of terror winning streak at the World Junior Championships in 2010.

The jersey I most want to own is Brooks Orpik's from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I had no idea how quickly they would sell out, and by the time I had gotten home from Vancouver, I missed out on getting one. This one is especially important to me since I was lucky enough to go to the Olympics in Vancouver. I've seen one on eBay for upwards of $500, and while I was tempted, I just couldn't justify it. I still keep looking, though.

To commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime experience of attending the Olympic Games, I got the star from the USA jersey tattooed on my right shoulder blade. I mean, I have the tattoo, I need the jersey.

Are you a sports fan and have a jersey wish list? Do you have a wish list of another kind?


  1. oh wow! That was so nice of him to sign your poster and wow that was a great poster idea!!

  2. That's so cool he not only signed your poster, but loves it so much!! c: