Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Post-Holiday Blahs

Does anyone else get the post-holiday blahs? My brain feels like soup and I feel like I'm stuck in a muddy rut.

It didn't help anything that I was off work for 13 days and had a lot of stuff to look forward to over the holidays. Now, it's January, and the only thing I have to look forward to, as of right now, is freezing my rear end off every morning.

When I came back to work on Monday, I pretty much wanted to be anywhere but here. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, but being off for so long really put a damper on my motivation. Now that we are at mid-week, I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of my weekday routine, and at the same time, can feel myself slowly climbing out of my rut.

Because my brain has felt mushy and I've my mood has been pretty pooptastic, I also haven't had the motivation to write. I have been pretty unimpressed with being back at work, the cold weather, and the magic of the holidays being gone again until December.


You know what else I'm unimpressed with? Right now, Blogger won't let me upload pictures online, so I have to do it through my phone. My apologizes if the pics are too big/piexlated. Total grumpy fish status.

Stay tuned for some fun stuff! I want to tell you all about my post-Christmas hockey adventures, and the few resolutions I did make for 2014.

How do you combat the post-holiday/winter blahs?


  1. I must say that the first pic is super creepy lol I am using tons of Hot Chocolate to combat the blahs in my life lol

    1. There is something about the grumpy fish that just cracks me up every single time. He is creepy, so funny.

      I got a free sample of Starbucks Via mocha cafe latte the other day, and tried it this morning; it's pretty good!